Coworking Spaces in Navi Mumbai During Covid -19 

In the past few years, the industry of co-working spaces has continuously seen unprecedented progress in India. These coworking spaces were in demand prior to the pandemic among smaller businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups, and frequent lockdowns have accelerated the need for co-working spaces in Navi Mumbai among other sectors of the industry as well. Recent reports and studies suggest that the co-working spaces sector is thriving, and it will continue to be the same in the foreseeable future.

The Covid-19 pandemic has focused on the need for more accessible, flexible, and cost-friendly spaces for work for a number of business entities. At the same time, even the most conventional inhabitants of such spaces have started witnessing the merit of the sector. Companies are trying to cope up with the change of work environment and flexible working spaces seem to be the more practical option right now. During flexible hours, rotating time shifts, and working places coming closer to houses, enterprises were made to re-evaluate their workplace strategy in order to adapt to these drastic changes caused by the pandemic.

The scene of co-working spaces in Mumbai right now:

Corporates are looking for alternate, cost-effective, and minimum capital expenditure options and the co-working sector has consequently moved ahead to offer better advantages than before. These spaces have become the most suitable option to reduce capital expenditure, with higher emphasis on the well-being of the employees and quick adaptability to flexible spaces for work.

Institutions and companies have begun looking for cost-optimization by choosing a flexible work location and structure in order for the employees to work remotely while some of them could work from a headquarter or a focus point of work.

Players in co-working spaces have started establishing themselves amidst this rise in the need of the hour, by offering a spectrum of lucrative advantages from cost-effective occupancy to powerful infrastructure and opportunities to connect and network. These players gave corporates an easy and hassle-free experience, which are ready-to-go setups with high compliance. By this, co-working spaces have given businesses of all types and sizes the benefit of saving on capital expenses while minimizing the cost of operations by a rough 10-20% in total. This strategy has proven to be an attractive one for major corporations in today’s time.

The flexibility of shared office space in Navi Mumbai:

The element of location flexibility has proven to be another great advantage of shared office spaces in Mumbai. Many companies have made it their business to work from home, and some have had to put up with the need to have at least part of a group of their employees physically present at work. This scenario has led to several insights within the industry. There is now a growing demand for multiple smaller offices spread across the country rather than a consolidated office downtown. Satisfy that need by extenuating your current offices while adhering to the rules of social distancing, at TriggerXchange Navi Mumbai.

The shift from home office to Tier II and III Cities has become the norm, with most companies seeing a brain drain of people who preferred to return to their places of origin in Tier II and III cities. In return, it began expanding operations to these smaller towns so that its employees could work while they were closed. By being at home, it gave the coworking market a significant boost in these semi-urban areas. Most businesses now choose smaller offices in different locations in Tier II and Tier III cities that are close to where their employees live, making getting to work easier. 

Safety and comfort measures of co-working space in Navi Mumbai:

Another area in which shared office spaces in Mumbai have developed well, is convenience and infrastructure, and hygiene. Hygienic measures have become even more important in these times. Strict hygiene protocols are applied in the workplaces and the necessary precautions are taken while adhering to government safety guidelines. Regular fumigation and disinfection of facilities, workrooms, meetings, and workplaces, constant temperature controls, the necessary safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of the Serving customer safety are common features. As a result, more and more large companies, medium-sized companies, and startups are preferring coworking spaces in metropolises as well as in smaller cities.

New modus operandi for the new times

Players in co-working spaces are also repositioning themselves to continue our accelerated growth by bringing solutions to the market that precisely address the needs of the full spectrum of work demands.

They are introducing a new low-cost solution that provides smaller office space in remote areas in Tier III, IV, and V cities. They come with basic infrastructure, including WiFi, and function on their own. At a time when most companies have employees who come on a rotating basis and therefore require fewer seats, these jobs are in high demand in smaller cities.

Compliance review

A compliance check is an essential function for workspaces at any point, even more, very important for co-working spaces in Mumbai given the pandemic situation. The list of regular compliances is already long and COVID19 compliances have been added to make the list even more comprehensive. Players in the co-working space sector have done their best to ensure all compliance requirements are met, including security and social distancing compliance, regulatory compliance, identity, and access management compliance, lift-and-fire NOC, due diligence utilities, preventing cyber threats in the form of malware, data loss, and much more. Working with trusted co-working partners has helped companies rest assured that compliance regulations are being followed thoroughly and that they can focus on their core business.

Meeting the demand for dedicated space

Operating in traditional office space requires companies to burden themselves with long-term leases. As most companies reduced the number of their employees, they looked for options like dedicated desks, flexible desks, and private cubicles with everything you need. Co-working space services can be availed at affordable prices even now, which provide safe workspaces that encourage people to plug and play, collaborate, and collaborate.

The desks are also far apart, which helps people practice social distancing from the naturally sustainable model of the COVID19 has challenged the traditional office concept, there has been an increased demand for coworking spaces from medium and large companies looking for business sustainability.

Most of these companies want to reduce overhead costs while maintaining a workforce that operates with sustainable efficiency. Players in the Co-working spaces sector have begun offering such models that have encouraged long-term commitments from smaller businesses and larger companies as well.

Covid-19 Safety Measures Taken at TriggerXchange

At present, the globe is mutually fighting an invisible, speeding and indiscriminate rival. The rapidity and cruelty with which COVID 19 has spread have completely paralyzed societies and marketplaces. The swift and forceful nature of the situation has led our leaders to take difficult and challenging decisions like lockdown and curfew.

Chances are the earth will never be the same again, and for most of us, we can’t think of anything beyond the present and endurance, but as the proverb goes giving us hope, ‘this too shall pass’.

As of now, we can only assume what the future may look like by trying to realize the past, and how the current conditions will control our behaviors and actions.

The COVID pandemic has enforced taking on new ways of working. Like all others around the globe, even we at triggerxchange as an organization have altered our work and the role of work premises a 100% safe, disinfected and hygiene environment for your meetings and guests.

Measures undertaken by us at Triggerxchange to maintain sanitation and improve the work premises are by following mandate steps of our hygiene policy that clearly explains what we are willing to offer as an organization:

  1. Consistent cleaning: Frequent cleaning – of the lavatories, work premises, all conference rooms, cafeteria and the office – is one of the most operative ways we consider to improve.
  2. Provided toiletries: We monitor that everyone maintains hygiene at the workplace by providing them with toiletries, like- sanitizers, soap, boxes of tissues, and clean wipes.
  3. Internal communication: We make sure that our staff is timely reminded of the prominence of personal hygiene regularly.
  4. Regular Temperature check & Sanitation follow ups

We ensure regular cleaning of surfaces with disinfectant and keeping every corner tidy, germ-free and free of clutter.

With practical hygiene policies assisted up by consistent internal communication will make everyone aware of their responsibilities. We consider making every employee understand the importance of a hygienic and sanitized workplace and follow our hygiene policy guidelines and provide you with a clean, safe and germ-free work atmosphere for all your meetings, conferences and guests.


Now that you’ve gotten an overview of the co-working spaces sector and its significant boom despite the pandemic, it becomes crucial to understand the type of companies that offer you working space with the right type of advantages.

TriggerXchange is not just a co-working space in Navi Mumbai,, it’s beyond that. We also provide office space for freelancers in Vashi, even if they need coworking spaces for a day!

Our unique set of services like hot desks, private desks, and private cabins is specially personalized for your working needs.

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