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New is always better! And that is what we believe in at TriggerXchange, as we break away from the monotony and stereotype of regular office spaces and provide an unconventional and nurturing work space to TRIGGER & EXCHANGE new ideas for the evolution of businesses. TX aims at forging a community where ideas, values and knowledge are shared, thereby syndicating an invaluable network. At TriggerXchange, we strive to create a healthy community and an open environment that is conducive to the growth of our members which include entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, investors, IT specialists, consultants, trainers, MNC's, corporates and company employees among others.

TX takes care of your need for the right space by offering specially designed desks, cubicles, dedicated meeting rooms and conference rooms. You can be a part of our social & cultural events and development programs or you can just surrender yourself in the soothing ambiance of our lounge area to revitalize your senses as well as your business. Enjoy the different kinds of work-zone set-ups to ensure a comfortable environment and prevent succumbing to corporate pressure. TX constantly endeavours to generate the right vibe to become a second home for our visitors; a harmonized co-working network, ideal for synthesis of ideas and growth. The TX community is our most valuable asset and we believe that the strength of any community lies in its diversity. TX works to harness this diversity of our community in order to attain synergy.


Be a part of the TX community and expand your network and business TX times.


TX Mission

To reinvent the experience of a workspace by providing tailored solutions enabling our Co-Workers to network, collaborate and grow together


TX Vision

Our purpose is to build and serve a community of entrepreneurs that actively take part in solving the problems of the world




TX is more than just a rigid structure for professionals. It is a reflection of all the individuals that are a part of it. The people are the prime focus of all our efforts. TX empowers its community by actively exercising a responsible conduct and promoting equality, fairness, openness and respect for diversity.


Grit & Ambition

To grow is to move forward! TX is always resolute in achieving its vision. There is always something new to learn, a place left to explore or a change to inculcate. TX is always resolute in achieving its vision and believes in pushing its limits and constantly expanding its horizons. At TX, no effort is spared to reach the final destination whilst extracting the most out of the journey together.



The motion of creating an ideal scenario where all entities can work in a harmonized way for a greater outcome is one of the flag-bearers of TX; an endeavour to maintain an environment where each one of us can achieve, grow and develop.



TX is not absolute in its nature. The essence of knowing that there is always something bigger than us in the running picture is firmly rooted in the TX culture.

Why TriggerXchange ?

It's Not Just an Office Space !

Office space with a dash of zest

TX gives the regular work space a bit of spunk to prevent the monotony from creeping in and offering the refreshment that you need in your way forward.

Curated events for a greater learning experience

TX isn't just some corporate workplace, it’s a lifestyle! From creative or social events to skill development programs & workshops, you get it all for your active engagement at TX.

A growing community, an expanding network

Draw the most from our prime resource: the ever-growing TX community. Learn from each other’s work culture, get immediate feedback on your product or a service recommendation; the possibilities are endless in our symbiotic environment!

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