Co-working is defined as membership based work space where diverse groups of self-employed,independent professionals work together in a communal collaborative setting.

Co-working is an ingenious way to increase the positive effects of a work place. There is a constant feeling of community in a shared working space with the possiblity of expansion of business, clients and networking.

It maximizes productivity and creativity and offers a chance to work in a fully equipped office without worrying about the costs of seting up an actual office.

Cost saving is the biggest benefit of such office spaces. Analysis shows companies can save 15-20% by working in a co-working space, which also provide plug-and-play amenities that bring them at par with grade-A offices. These are better suited for those with small teams that need office space in prime areas. The occupiers of small set-ups, employing 5 to 50 people, can profit from a cost cut of at least 20-30% on capex initially.

The other benefit is flexibility. You can rent these spaces on a monthly, daily or even hourly basis. You could also choose to work out of a cabin space, open space or even a meeting room. We offer different options as per your needs.

A co-working office space makes more sense if your business is at an early stage, where your team and requirements are limited and you don’t need much privacy to make important business decisions.



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